IJ Start Canon Setup

Your Canon printer is loaded with different functionalities. To use the printer functions, you need to achieve the IJ start Canon Setup` productively. Go with our straightforward rules to introduce and run the IJ Canon Setup.


How to IJ Canon Setup On Computer?

Adhere to the guidelines offered below to step Canon IJ utility on your computer system.


In any case, move to the official site : ij.start.canon

Now enter your Canon printer serial number to track down the suitable driver.


The version of your working system will be consequently detected, if not select your OS version.


Then, move to the driver tab to choose the driver document. At that point click on the download button for downloading the driver.


Note: Make sure that you download MP driver which incorporates the Canon IJ Utility package.


After the download is finished, move to the location where the driver is downloaded. Ultimately, tap on the .PKG document for introducing it.


When the establishment is finished, click on the utility folder to utilize the IJ Scan Utility and IJ printer Utility.

How to Print On IJ Canon Printer Setup?

Printing on IJ Canon printer is extremely simple in the event that you accomplish the setup process perfectly. Get our expert master’s direction for error free printer setup on Windows  working system.


IJ Start Canon Setup – How to Print On Windows?

IJ Canon Setup – How to Print On Computer?

At first, analyze whether the Canon printer is active.


Then, open the paper tray and spot the ideal paper type into the tray.


Now, check the appropriate installation of ink cartridges.

At that point explore the printing profile of Canon IJ Setup. Alter the extra highlights, for example, media type, paper esteem, etc, if necessary.


In the end, set the print quality as per your need.

Follow the directions on the screen to finish the setup cycle.

Save the settings that you have made in printer.


Now, open the document or photograph which you need to print from your Canon printer.


At last, tap on the print option to print the document or photograph.

First and foremost turn on the Canon Printer.


At that point, open the paper tray and spot the stack of papers in tray. Adjust the papers in a delicate way to stay away from paper jam issues.


Presently explore the print dialog box and pick your canon printer.


Subsequently, select the paper size and number of copies to print.


You can likewise pick the media settings starting from the drop-down list. Select on the OK menu to save the settings.


Then, open the document to print and adhere to the directions on the screen.


Finally, click on the print option for printing the document.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Generally, routers play an important role in terms of communication between devices.
  • Despite internet access, Wi-Fi enabled canon printers to act normally if you ensure with wireless adaptor and router function and connection.
  • This case applies within the zonal area, (i.e) device communication on the local network.
  • The best option to print from smart devices is Google Cloud Printing Technology.
  • It doesn’t require any third-party software download or installs.
  • It allows you to print from anywhere as the Wi-Fi connection passes through the same network.
  • Irrespective of the canon printer connection, Smart devices utilize Cloud Print as a default app.
  • Ensure to verify handy devices and canon printer are on the same network or not.
  • Choose any document on mobile and modify the settings required for the print option.
  • Now, it’ll ask you to choose the desired type, select the one to check with test printing works.
  • In this case, many users prefer the AirPrint option to comply with mobile printing technology.
  • Go to the start and begin your search by entering Devices and Printers or faxes and scans.
  • A green-colored checkmark appears to the next of the canon printer.
  • If not, verify the settings or add your canon printer manually.
  • By doing so, your printer starts to appear on the computer to ease you while selection.
  • Almost all tablets consist of mini-USB ports, not 2.0 USB Ports to assist the perfect connection.
  • To retain the best performance of the USB2.0 port thorough out.
  • Make use of USB2.0 for a regular workflow and for better canon printer throughput.
  • Make sure your windows and other devices like android assist your full-sized USB2.0 Port.
  • Choosing the right canon driver to fetch you an instant update.
  • Go to the device manager and right-click on the printer to find the current version.
  • Sometimes, it may provoke you to update the device manager for ensuring compatibility.
  • On the driver tab, uninstall the old driver, if found, and install the latest canon printer driver.
  • To find and verify the existing driver, choose your computer’s devices option.
  • Choose your canon printer and click on properties.
  • It’ll show you the Driver File. Select it to get into the property.
  • Now, it easy to find the information on your computer.
  • ij.start.canon for online drivers.
  • This is a type of error, which occurs only when you failed to update the canon driver or file missing.
  • It is recommended to type Win+R and then type devmgmt. Msc and Tap ok.
  • Click on your canon printer and choose to uninstall option to remove the existing driver.
  • Later, begin to install latest canon driver to enjoy a lot of amazing features.
  • Make use of USB Cable to get the installation done.
  • For that, power on your canon printer and go to the start button on the computer.
  • On printers and scanners, add your canon device list.
  • Once added, select your canon printer and continue to install the driver.
  • First of all, it is good to copy the documents, files, and folders to a USB Drive.
  • You can directly use USB drive for the canon printer software install.
  • Make sure you follow the steps in order to complete the canon software install on time.
  • After connecting the USB drive, it begins to notify the user about the latest updates.